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Just What is that
symbol on the team's
The New Orleans Saints
have one of the most
recognizable helmets in the
NFL.  While the Fleur De Lis
is firmly in the hearts of
Louisianans, many people
around the country just don't
understand what that symbol
is on the team's headgear.

According to,
The English translation of
"fleur-de-lis" (sometimes
spelled "fleur-de-lys") is
"flower of the lily." This
symbol, depicting a stylized
lily or lotus flower, has many
meanings. Traditionally, it
has been used to represent
French royalty, and in that
sense it is said to signify
perfection, light, and life.
Legend has it that an angel
presented Clovis, the
Merovingian king of the
Franks, with a golden lily as
a symbol of his purification
upon his conversion to
Christianity. Others claim that
Clovis adopted the symbol
when waterlilies showed him
how to safely cross a river
and thus succeed in battle.
A tremendous selection of Saints helmets are available including designs that the franchise donned in its initial
1967 season to the style worn by the Super Bowl 44 Champions.  
Saints Authentic Football Helmets
This team gear is the actual size and includes the same markings and padding
the team wears on the field.
New Orleans Saints Replica and Mini Helmets
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Riddell New Orleans Saints Gold Full
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Riddell New Orleans Saints Mini
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Replica Helmet Features include

Equipped with the authentic team decals
Team logo and colors
Chin strap
Injection molded polycarbonate shell
Vinyl-coated steel facemask
VSR-4 style padding
Not meant for active/recreational use
Size of an actual game helmet
One of the greatest miniature sports
collectibles ever! Approximately 1/2
scale versions of NFL helmets. ABS
plastic shells with plastic facemask and
authentic-looking team decals. This
helmet has become a staple in the
collectibles market for several good
reasons. It's affordable and doesn't take
up too much room!!
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